The Ship of Spectres

Connie Carew Book 2

Is there a ghostly murderer on board?

The new Connie Carew Mystery is out now, published by Hodder Children’s Books

Connie has embarked on the voyage of a lifetime, sailing on a luxury steamship to New York. But from the start there are strange and sinister happenings that threaten the celebrity passengers – and worse is to come.

The House of Eyes

Connie Carew Book 1

Introducing a daring new heroine, living in an exciting time of change

Out now!

A Connie Carew Mystery

For 9 to 13s

Is Connie’s new-found cousin Ida, missing for so many years and heiress to the family fortune, really an imposter? It is up to Connie to discover the truth.

The Devil in the Corner

A dark thriller set in the Victorian period

The gripping story of a stolen birthright, forbidden love and mysterious death

How can the devil be stopped when he lives inside you?

The Pale Assassin

Pimpernelles Book 1

The turbulent French Revolution, a murderous spymaster, and the beautiful young aristocrat who must escape him

Eugénie de Boncoeur’s sheltered life changes for ever as revolution grips France and the hated aristocrats are hunted down. Eugénie tries desperately to help her brother Armand escape from death, but soon she must flee to save her own life.

The Traitor’s Smile

Pimpernelles Book 2

Terror and treachery in the shadow of the guillotine Two very different girls – rivals in love; united by danger

Eugénie: a beautiful young aristocrat seeking sanctuary in England from the violence of the French Revolution. Hetta: her English cousin, passionate, headstrong and fired by revolutionary ideals. Across the Channel waits the vengeful Pale Assassin, determined to claim Eugénie for himself.


A haunting Gothic novel about loyalty, betrayal and age-old fears

‘Yours is an unblemished soul, Aggie,’ he whispered, ‘a sweet, pure delicacy of a soul – and we must keep it that way, mustn’t we?’ Born and brought up in a small village, Aggie knows that she must never question the power of the divine beings – the birds.


This dark and enthralling companion novel to Murkmere, which is complete in itself, continues the story of Leah and Aggie through the eyes of a different narrator

‘I am the girl with no name… I have a secret I must never tell. If I do, they will come after me – the Protector and his men.’ Only a number branded on her arm betrays the orphan girl’s past.

The Night Walker

Has the nightmare in Daniel's head become reality? A powerful psychological thriller, part ghost story, part horror

Footsteps. Someone wearing trainers like his own, walking in the dusk close behind him. Only, if Daniel looked round there would be no one there. The old fear gripped him and he clenched his hands. The echo was back.

The Ice Boy

A gripping fantasy in which myth and the real world become dangerously entwined, as Edward struggles to discover the truth about his father

There on the horizon were the unmistakable shapes of mountains, of snow-capped peaks, glaciers. He could see glittering towers and palaces of ice. On his lips was the powdery numbness of frost. Could there really be a distant land far across the sea?