The Night Walker

Has the nightmare in Daniel's head become reality? A powerful psychological thriller, part ghost story, part horror

Footsteps. Someone wearing trainers like his own, walking in the dusk close behind him. Only, if Daniel looked round there would be no one there. The old fear gripped him and he clenched his hands. The echo was back.

Footsteps in the dusk.

Pale hounds howling through the night.

Hollow-eyed children pleading for his help.

And, most sinister of all, the return of an old friend, grown more powerful than ever.

Daniel’s life is falling apart; then Cora, his beautiful step-sister, disappears. He’ll give anything to get her back… but will he have the courage to face his own demons?

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Fantasy and reality are so well intertwined that it is near impossible to work out where one begins and the other ends. The Night Walker is a spellbinding and spooky read that lingers long after the last page has been turned.


…a daring, deftly handled, use of myth as a metaphor for psychological struggle. Both the story of Daniel’s relationship with his family, and his fight against his own state of mind, told against a background of archetypal myths, will strike chords of recognition with young readers.


Patricia Elliott’s writing is extraordinarily atmospheric.

The School Librarian

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