The Pale Assassin

Pimpernelles Book 1

The turbulent French Revolution, a murderous spymaster, and the beautiful young aristocrat who must escape him

Eugénie de Boncoeur’s sheltered life changes for ever as revolution grips France and the hated aristocrats are hunted down. Eugénie tries desperately to help her brother Armand escape from death, but soon she must flee to save her own life. Who will find her first: the mob, the revolutionary guards, or, most terrifying of all, the sinister pale assassin himself?

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Exciting and unpredictable. You won’t be able to put it down.

Bliss Magazine

Involving and well researched. (Eugenie’s) spirit wins the reader over and by the end of the story you are rooting for her. …Very convincing period detail.


This is a thumping good tale, a taut, exciting thriller. It’ll make you forget your surroundings and keep you turning the pages until there are none left to turn


Dramatic romantic thriller…and an utterly unforgettable heroine


Highly suspenseful…Elliott steps from fantasy into historical fiction, and skilfully weaves the story of the revolution into the plot, illuminating the grim reality of class warfare while neither oversimplifying events nor overwhelming the narrative with information. …The best aspect of this fine work of historical fiction is Eugenie herself. Her gradual coming of age and growing political awareness provide even more depth to what becomes a highly suspenseful survival tale.

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