The Ship of Spectres

Connie Carew Book 2

Is there a ghostly murderer on board?

Connie Carew has been invited by her new friend, the famous shipping magnate Waldo Bamberger, on the maiden voyage of his luxury steamship, the Princess May. Connie is thrilled to be travelling first class to New York with Mr Bamberger’s celebrity guests. However, soon her mystery-solving skills are needed, for what at first seem harmless pranks turn out to be very much more sinister.

A celebrated ballerina almost has a fatal accident. A ghostly hand tries to push a wealthy woman overboard. The spectre of a drowned youth walks the decks at night, terrifying the first-class passengers. As the ship sails into a storm, a bird of doom is spotted overhead.

Events reach a gripping climax at the ship’s fancy dress party. Can Connie work out the solution to the mystery before murder is commited on the Princess May?

The Connie Carew Mysteries are underrated gems

Recommendations for Secondary School Librarians, YA Yeah! Yeah!

The Ship of Spectres, a Poppy Carew mystery by Patricia Elliott

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