The Traitor’s Smile

Pimpernelles Book 2

Terror and treachery in the shadow of the guillotine Two very different girls – rivals in love; united by danger

Eugénie: a beautiful young aristocrat seeking sanctuary in England from the violence of the French Revolution.

Hetta: her English cousin, passionate, headstrong and fired by revolutionary ideals.

Across the Channel waits the vengeful Pale Assassin, determined to claim Eugénie for himself. With her brother’s life at stake, how can she refuse his dreadful bargain? But it will mean sacrificing her chance of romance and returning to Paris in the grip of the Terror. Eugénie must now decide her destiny – with or without Hetta’s help.

Though this is a sequel to The Pale Assassin, it is a complete story in itself and you can read it without having read the earlier one first.

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Captures the feel of both England and France in the late 18th century. High recommendation.

The Bookbag

Patricia Elliott has researched the period well. Fast paced…exciting.

The School Librarian

The Traitor’s Smile never fails in its use of period detail and historical accuracy. Elliott conveys the plight of the individual versus the larger maniacal wave under Robespierre in Paris during the Revolution. The reader shares in the desperation and fear, yet gains an understanding of the clever plots enacted for survival during this bloody time. This is an entertaining, instructive read for both the young and older adult audience.

The Historical Novel Society

Cover for The Traitor's Smile in the UK
Cover for The Traitor's Smile in the US

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