The Guardian on Murkmere

Against a chilling background, Patricia Elliott tells a story of transformation and the importance of making a bid for freedom.

House of Eyes by Adele Geras

Very high quality writing indeed. Funny, exciting, well-written and has a proper plot and structure. Immensely satisfying. A delightful book which I enjoyed enormously.

Armadillo Magazine on House of Eyes

A thrillingly perilous romp through Edwardian London… I felt a sense of regret that I hadn’t been able to read it as a child; I would have loved to get lost in its world and follow Connie as her invisible companion.

Young Writers: Teachers’ Recommended Reads on The House of Eyes

Funny, exciting, moving and unguessable – here’s a brilliant and addictive new mystery with a heroine you’ll love. Full of villains, cunning plotting, twisted motives, this page-turner will keep you guessing to the end. And best of all, there are more Connie Carew mysteries to come.

Teens on Moon Lane: Top Five MG on The House of Eyes

An action-packed read which takes us through seances, suffragette demonstrations, and builds to a stunning reveal. Hugely excited for more Connie Carew mysteries!

YA YeahYeah on The House of Eyes

As always, Patricia Elliott brings her time period to life wonderfully well in this historical mystery set against a backdrop of suffragettes, seances and a mysterious cousin who may have returned from the dead. …Connie Carew has to be one of the best detectives in MG today. I’m really looking forward to reading more of her adventures.

Good Reads on The House of Eyes

One of the most enoyable books I’ve read this year! I’d love more of her adventures!

The Book Smugglers: Middle Grade Review on The House of Eyes

This was really good – I liked Connie’s voice and the author infused the story with her – and Ida’s – moving need to be loved and accepted. The mystery kept me guessing… BONUS POINT for featuring suffragettes and for spot-on gender and class commentary as well as for featuring tons of really great relationships between women. I shall eagerly await the next entry in the Connie Carew Mysteries.

An Awfully Big Blog Adventure on The House of Eyes

…characters vivid and well-drawn. Lots of incidental detail about life in Edwardian London…There’s a nice hook at the end to link into the next story and it’s very good to know that this will not be the only case for the excellent Connie Carew to solve!